Biyyam Vadiyalu or Rice Badi

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The perfect snack up for any home in the evenings and an ideal side dish to make if you are running short of vegetables is Biyyam Vadiyalu.

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The perfect snack up for any home in the evenings and an ideal side dish to make if you are running short of vegetables is Biyyam Vadiyalu.


Biyyam Vadiyalu / Rice Papad

Exciting snacks for kids of all age groups in the evening!

         The perfect snack up for any home in the evenings and an ideal side dish to make if you are running short of vegetables is Biyyam Vadiyalu.  It is also called as Rice Papad, Rice Vathal, Rice Vadagam, Rice Vadam, Sun dried fritters, Rice Fryums, Biyyam Pindi Vadiyalu, Rice crackers.

An elaborate week end lunch.

         Who will say no to a healthy, traditional any time snack-up?  In fact, we all would have had this in our childhood when our mothers used to elaborate our lunch during weekends.  As we all know weekend lunches are always special.  During school days or during busy office hours when we always have a hurry burry packing up time at home, these kinds of ready-made products are very useful.  Nowadays, when both of them in the family need to work, it is needless to ask about the rush in the mornings.

         Take away food is not always interesting, isn’t it?  Our tongue needs the authentic taste at least once in a while in the lunch or dinner time during weekends.  With all podi varieties and a little ghee accompanied by hot steamed rice, two forms of vegetables, papad, some kind of a starter like soups or other dishes which we need, a pinch of pickle; all this together only forms a complete lunch during the two days in a week towards the end.

         Our moms are as always experts in cooking, they would make a bisi-bela bath, vangi bath, alu bath also along with the sambar, rasam and curd rice that we have.  After such a heavy lunch, a good nap continues…….

         On such occasions that are created at home to enjoy, but still takes a lot of your time and because of which you don’t think about it?  -Sitara is there to support you.  You can very well order online from us for the varieties of podi like nuvvula karam, palli pappula karam, munaga karam, pudhina karam, curry leaves karam etc.  Not only this, we also have varieties of vadiyalus like regi vadiyalu, saggu biyyam vadiyalu, gummadi kaya vadiyalu and many more.  Then your pickles crave also can be satisfied only in this exclusive list of pickle varieties we give for you.  There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles that we have.  Why have dull and boring foods when we have to mood to enjoy?  So buy online and have a fulfilled lunch always.

A healthy snack up option

         Why don’t you always think about a healthy food option that does not increase much of your calories yet satisfies you leptin hormones?  If all these needs have to be satisfied, you have to choose an authentic, traditional, conventional snack variety only. Apart from the chekkalus or murukkus or ribbon pakodas available, just think about an easy snack like this rice flour papad or biyyam vadiyalu for your evenings.  This is equal to chips in its look and tastes even more excellent than the potato chips that are now available in the market.

         All those chips variety, be it banana chips pepper, normal or potato chips salted, spiced up…. All are boring after some time.  We need to have a change after all in life.  Why eat the same things with our food as accompaniment or snacks when we have different sorts of things to munch on?  This Biyyam Vadiyalu is a right option and you have landed in the right place guys.  Just purchase online for your pack of biyyam vadiyalu and relish in its taste.

Major Ingredients and its benefits

       This lovely dish is made out of our staple food in India only – You know what right?  RICE.  The main ingredient being rice, it is suitable for kids and adults of all age group.  You can even give this to young ones to munch on whenever they keep asking “I am Hungry…. I am Hungry…”

         Then, the other items added are cumin seeds, salt and crushed chilies.  The rice that is soaked overnight will be grinded to make a fine paste and the other items are added to it in a kadai and mixed till it reaches a thick consistency.  This batter is then poured using spoons into a muslin cloth or polythene sheet and sun dried.  Since it is dried for more time than the usually store bought papads or vadiyalus, Sitara vadiyalus have a longer shelf life.  Try it once to know how much its crispiness attracts all of them in your family.

         Not only you would be surprised but even your family members would be dam happy to taste such a wonderful fryums.  This would be a lasting experience in your home and would be talked about frequently.  Just mark it.  It is sure to happen.

       Benefits of RICE

         Rice being the major ingredient, it adds very less calories to you and the other benefits are as listed below:

·      Rice is always a rich source of energy because of all the carbohydrates in it.  It acts as a fuel for the body and very much needed for growing young kids.  When these kids refuse to eat rice their lunch as they are busy playing or feeling bored to eat the regular food, you can make them consume it in such biyyam vadiyalu forms.  Easy isn’t it?  They get their energy and you get peace and rest from running around to feed them.  In fact, some kids will start eating rice also after being served with a combination like this.

·      Rice also has high nutritional value.  It is rich in B complex vitamins, calcium, iron and riboflavin.

·      Rice digests quickly and hence more appropriate for elders and kids.

·      It has low amount of saturated fats and hence does not cause obesity.  Even if the biyyam vadiyalus need to be fried in oil, they don’t absorb much oil at all.  Hence it is not any fat.

·      Rice has a lot of antioxidant properties and it minimizes the occurrence of heart diseases.

·      It is an efficient cure for dysentery and thus even when you have any tummy upset issues you can consume these biyyam vadiyalus with curd rice.

·      Rice controls blood pressure and when these vadiyalus are fried in coconut oil, they just taste awesome as well as help in keeping your pressure under control.

·      It is a healthy source of fiber and does prevent constipation.

·      Rice improves bowel movement in kids and hence advised by pediatricians too.

·      Prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

·      Rice also improves metabolism in pregnant woman.  They would love to eat such yummy tasty vadagams.

How to use Biyyam Vadiyalus?

         Biyyam vadiyalus can be a multi-purpose vadakam that serves a whole home.  Creativity is endless and hence you can create more than what you see here… but still a few suggestions for you.

·      A side dish for your meals with sambar rice, rasam rice, curd rice, tomato rice, lemon rice, puliyogare etc.

·      A crunchy snack for your evenings with tea or coffee.

·      A garnish item for your chat and other fresh salads that you prepare.

·      A mid-time snack for children during mornings and evenings.

·      An easy to carry side dish when you travel without any mess of spilling.

·      An additional side dish for your week-end fancy lunch.

·      Easy to make when you are tired or back after office hours exhausted to cook.

·      Teach children to use this as a spoon for rice, they would enjoy their food and have it.  This is what gives pleasure to a mother right?

·      Crush and sprinkle it on bisi bele bath just before you serve.  Wow!  A palatable combination and it would impress anyone and everyone.

·      These rice crackers can be fried in oil and stored so that you can use it whenever needed.  This is an added advantage.  Every time you need not heat oil to fry and use it too.

·      If you are a bachelor staying away from your family in any of the major cities like Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Cochi, Chennai, Pune or Mumbai, then to make you not feel home sick if you couldn’t book tickets and be at home on week-ends, these kinds of traditional foods will surely help.  Have a video call with your mother and then you can prepare your favorite lunch and eat it.  So simple na!  Why worry for the whole week without enough energy to work?

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All products that we have mentioned above adhere to the following strictly

  •  Home-made
  • Preservative free
  • Additive free
  • Best ingredients sourced from local farmers
  • Prepared hygienically
  • With passionate cooks
  • And also an added extra ingredient to all our customers we give is

If you place orders from Sitara, you are sure to come back for more because our products taste are incomparable and they just rob your hearts so easily.  We are sure that all your tickling taste buds would be satisfied with Sitara Foods and Pickles.

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