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Mangoes, especially around this summer season, are good for this pickle.’Chinna rasalu’, ‘tella gulabeelu’ are a few varieties that are used in the preparation of avakai. Spices like mustard powder and fenugreek powder along with salt and red chilli powder are used for this preparation.

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Mangoes, especially around this summer season, are good for this pickle.'Chinna rasalu’, 'tella gulabeelu' are a few varieties that are used in the preparation of avakai. Spices like mustard powder and fenugreek powder along with salt and red chilli powder are used for this preparation.


Cut Mango Pickle / Avakai, The famous Andhra Avakaya

Note: We also have Avakai without Garlic Variant , Please check for Mango Pickle without Garlic in our Veg Pickles Category.

Why to buy Avakaya Pickle from SITARA FOODS, India’s Biggest Online Store for Pickles.

  • Made Fresh in 5 kg Batches every day, so by the time the pickles reaches you, its just few days old with best taste, flavor and fragrances
  • Home Made pickles
  • No Chemicals, No Preservatives, and No Colors makes its the best food not just for you but also for your kids and elderly.
  • Premium Quality Pickle Mangoes used
  • Free Shipping through out India
  • Helping Farmers : All ingredients are sourced from local farmers with better prices than market thus helping the people who feed the world and it actually matters.
  • Women Rural Employment: All our pickle making units employ local women from near by villages, providing rural women employment.

That is why we call our pickles, Healthy, Home Made, Hygienic – Tasty and Best in Quality

Mangoes, especially around this summer season, are good for this pickle.’Chinna rasalu’, ‘tella gulabeelu’ are a few varieties that are used in the preparation of avakai. Spices like mustard powder and fenugreek powder along with salt and red chilli powder are used for this preparation. That’s the reason it is called an Avakai (avapindi – mustered powder). A lot of de skined garlic pods are added to the pickle which on marination gives a yummy taste. One can enjoy the flavor of this garlic pods n often they are washed off along with the mango pieces to enjoy the tangyness with a touch of spice as a snack to many children during summers. Grown ups too are not an exemption to this, as they take you to nostalgic memories of childhood. Few house holds also add jaggery powder to this spicy pickle to give a special sweet savoury taste which is called ” teepi avakai ” or “bellam avakai”. A combination of Mango andhra style avakai with hot white rice, a spoon of ghee, mudha pappu is so tasty and mouth watering, It is mouth watering for me right now, when writing this description, it’s that tasty. One can fill their tummy with this yummy combination to pamper their taste buds. Same as every pickle that we make, Mango Avakai Andhra style Cut Mango Achar pickle from Sitara is 100% home made with best quality mangos and best quality ingredients. You can shop to buy our Andhra Avakai or Avakaya pickle online at Sitara foods.

Please eat me!  I just can’t wait to cure the dysbiosis in your gut flora!I am The Most Famous and Delicious Andhra Avakai Pickle.

         A pickle is asking you to eat it.  Set aside all your tasks and come here dude.  Finish this task first, later on you can continue with your work.  After all,

Tummy needs to be attended with Yummy food first!

Okaie.  Before you start to order and eat pickles, let’s have a sneak peek into the history of pickle, its origination, preparation of Avakai Pickle and its benefits.

Looking way back at history, the word pickle originated from the Middle Dutch then the Middle Low German term “pekel” which means something preserved in brine or marinade.  It also means a spicy sauce served with meat.  It is mainly prepared for a long-range store of vegetables or meat which can be used later when there is a demand.  The main reason that our ancestors prepared pickles may be to preserve food, but there is a major advantage we have out of eating pickles –

Taking Complete Control of Digestion for LIFE!

Yes dudes, it’s a proven fact.  If you have to take control of digestion you must at first, keep your gastrointestinal tract healthy, and for this, you must surely eat pickles.

Let’s know more about the uses of eating pickles.  If at all you have a digestive problem, please check with your gut health.  Proper chewing of food and swallowing it with saliva also plays an important role for digestive disorders.  Saliva is the best medicine for all illnesses including digestive problems.  It secretes in abundance only if you eat pickles.  No one can deny this.

Whenever you take medications for any issues like infections, pain, depression etc, you tend to impose chaos and challenge your nutrient digestion and absorption.  This happens as a side effect of those chemicals consumed through medication in the name of ANTIBIOTICS.  Your gut health is actually disturbed by over prescription of antibiotics.  What can you do to restore your gut health?  The only way is to eat the right cultured or preserved or fermented foods to alter your gut flora because antibiotic-resistant bugs cannot be treated and can claim lives.  Eating pickles will bring about a balance between favorable and unfavorable micro organisms in the gut and prevents dysbiosis.

Another information for you is that “Even the way you sense pain is linked to your gut health” because your gut has the responsibility of maintaining the correct balance of healthy flora or probiotic bacteria.  And this probiotics is found in abundance in a preserved food like pickle.  Your gut not only acts as a penetrable filter for the important nutrients your body needs but also keeps you away from toxins, drugs and microbes that pass through your digestive tract.  Spend some time in reading such info as it will help you to progress in your health and fitness.  Don’t forget to order online for Sitara’s Andhra Style Avakai Pickle / Cut Mango South Indian Pickle!

Method of Preparation:

A zesty Avakaya Pickle from Andhra Cuisine would be a marvelous delicacy when added to your plate.  The green fresh unripe mangoes are chosen to be cut with the kernel in the mango in right sizes.  This is marinated and right amount of moisture is given to the pickles with a mixture of spices like mustard seeds powder, fenugreek seeds powder, chili powder, turmeric powder and garlic.  The Uniqueness of Sitara Pickles unlike other brands is that it is completely home-made.

No Preservatives Added

This one reason is enough for you to buy or purchase Cut Mango South Indian Pickle / Andhra Avakaya Pickle for your family from us.

Benefits of Cut Mango:

 “King of fruits” – Mango is loved by all age groups of people for its winsome, sweet and aromatic taste.  This refreshes your mind and rejuvenates your body with the benefits listed below:

Vitamin C:  As per recent studies, mangoes yield more vitamin C than apples, bananas, lemons and oranges.  Vitamin C content is beneficial in treating blood disorders.  Those who do not have the habit of consuming citrus fruits can try mangoes either raw or if you are hesitant even to that, try adding it through cooked food intake.  How else can you do it if not in an Avakai Pickle form?  Order Online for Cut Mango South Indian Pickle / Avakai Pickle to enjoy its nutrients!

  • Only source to improve hormonal health:  With more amount of Vitamin B it helps you to retain health.  Helps in indigestion and constipation problems.
  • Prevents dehydration:  Eating salted raw mangoes prevents excessive loss of water from body and quenches your thirst by secreting more saliva.  This leads to prevention of dehydration ultimately.
  • Treats Gastro-intestinal disorder:  It helps in restoring proper intestinal functions when consumed adequately.
  • Gives energy:  If you eat raw mango pickle at the end of your lunch, it gives you abundant energy and revives you from afternoon drowsiness.
  • Liver protector:  Raw green mango pickle increases the secretion of bile acids this eventually cleans intestines if there are any bacterial infections
  • Prickly heat preventer:  It has a lot of properties which prevents you from sun stroke.

Still do you need more reasons to order online for a pickle that is your favorite?  What are you waiting for?  Buy a fresh pack of Andhra Style Avakai Pickle and surprise your family members.  You all will ask for more!

It is not only the craving of any South Indian; even North Indians prefer to add pickles to ensure rice intake is balanced in their family’s diet.  With this Aavakai Pickle people who live in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata will say rice is also tastier.  And people who live in Bangalore/Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad will say chapathis are so tasty with pickles.  I need more!  Have fun listening to these statements by tasting our delicious pickles – both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.  Sitara always loves to serve you!  Waiting for your order to reach your doorstep!  Do share this article if you feel it interests you as well as is informative for you.   The second most famous pickle in our list in Andhra Gongura Pickle also called Andhra Matha, meaning mother.


Cut Mango Pieces Nice & Dice, Salt, Refined Sunflower Oil, Roasted Mustard Seeds Powder, Methi Fenugreek Seeds Powder, Chili Powder, Mustard Seeds, Garlic, Turmeric Powder.


Cut mango achar pickle (avakaya): This everlasting and finger-licking avakaya go well with hot rice and dal (muddapappu) along with a spoon of ghee gives heavenly taste. It also tastes good with breakfast items like dosa, idli, upma, khichadi, chapathi, puli pongadalu, pullattu, pesarattu what not, it goes good with any kind of base food.

Don’t use wet spoon for serving the pickle as it might reduce the shelf life of pickle.

Store the pickle in refrigerator for longer shelf life.


You can buy Andhra Avakai pickle Online from Sitara Foods year round. We ship our pickles to any destination in the world.

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