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NALLA KARAM PODI – The Nectar in Spicy Form

All my North Indian friends, always ask me to get them my homemade pickles of different types like yearly pickles or one day pickles (roti pachchadi) because of the spiciness and method of making them differs from theirs’.  Different places in Andhra have their own special dish and Guntur is very well known for its spicy chilly powder (guntur Karam), which is spread all over the country. Made from such incredible ingredients is the “Nalla Karam / Karra Podi“, which means black chilly powder. This tasty and savory side dish, is what makes your day start with a bursting flavor in mouth. Made from ‘healthy’ ingredients such as black urad dal(black gram), fried red chillies, garlic and more. The taste of these like kind powders vary from area to area, according to one’s taste by varying proportion of ingredients.

Traditionally, all the ingredients are grinded in rolu rokali (pestle mortar) to get the perfect taste through such a traditional and lip smacking side dish. It appears slightly dark in color, cause of the use of tamarind and black beans. It is widely used to accomplish rice, idly, dosa, etc. I take it as important as ‘sambar’ in Tamil Nadu cuisine, cause of the love for spices Andhra people have. What more do you want in breakfast, if offered the soft and steam hot idlis along with palli (peanut) chutney and Nalla Karam Podi / Chutney Powder ?, it’s heaven I tell you!

In today’s age and health, everyone is spending so much money on staying fit, like eating costly salads, gyming, etc; but i wonder why? Doing our work ourselves without depending on others and eating our ancestral food would do the job instead of eating the unhealthy junk and be lazy. All the powders made by Sitara have many healthy and fiber rich ingredients which help in aiding fat loss, increase metabolism, etc; consisting of taste and healthy aspects, I’m sure this makes you ask for more.  Buy online and get ready to become an addict to its taste as it is the perfect home-made preparation with no preservatives.

This dry podi is full of spices and fiber. It helps you complete a quick and easy homemade breakfast or even taken for lunch instead of curry. The very less quantity of oil, used during preparation, also makes it low fat and is handy in the fast pace of life we live in. The various benefits and excellent taste it has, makes you use the most out of it! and why not, if its providing one’s all requirements. As said, Sitara Nalla Karam Podi satisfies the taste every child craves, health aspect every mother looks for and cost every father considers.

  1. The Black Urad Dhal(main ingredient) is the most nutritious bean in India known for its varied health benefits.
  2. It has the highest quantity of dietary fiber which improves digestion.
  3. Adding this black gram in your daily diet helps you treat bloating, constipation, cramps or diarrhoea due to acidity.
  4. The high iron content boots your haemoglobin and energy levels.
  5. Rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium too.
  6. Recent researches show that spices help in burning fat which results in weight loss and reduced heart problems.
  7. Protein is present in abundance in this podi, which is a rare option for vegetarians considering their choice.

If you have kids at home or an unhealthy lifestyle and find it difficult to eat a healthy version of food, just try something different to impress them like this Nalla Karam Podi sprinkled on the warm idlis or even on everyone’s favorite dosa or uttapam (uthapam). See the response from your kids at home by ordering online for Sitara Nalla Karam Podi.  You are sure to be astonished by the way they like it.  If you have elders, then they are sure to appreciate you for having brought the absolutely ideal breakfast menu.

This heavenly powder mixed with steamy hot rice added with the little amount of meegada (cream) or pinch of pure home made ghee is what I crave for very often, my forever favorite and recommendation to everyone!

When you look at the amount of junk foods the children eat, how will all this get digested and how are they going to flush it out of their body is a big question.  Food that is rich in fiber like Black Urad Dhal is sure to help.  Try it to get benefited and stay healthy for your loved ones if not for yourself!

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Love & Care

Pratyusha – YFV (Young Foodie from Vijayawada)

Instagram – @ food.traveller

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