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How Chicken Pickles of South India are made and sold online

The Indian name for pickles is achar, chicken pickle/achar/chicken package is a favorite among pickle lovers because of its wonderful taste and spice factor. The chicken achar recipe of Kerala is very famous and people are on the lookout for something which can deliver the same quality. With Sitara’s range of pickles, the solution is just a click away. “Feels wonderful, smells wonderful, and tastes wonderful”  is the fact behind Sitara chicken pickles. Making pickles is an art and at Sitara pickles, the local women we employ for the preparation are doing it for ages and have mastered this art proficiently blending in all the necessary spices and ingredients to the right amount and in the right manner making it yummylicious.

By blending the right amount of non- veg achar recipe, at Sitara the art of making pickles is  just a passionate indulgence, how can it be different since Sitara’s inception has been by the hands of passionate people.

best quality Chicken Pickle / Niluva Pachaadi available online under Sitara pickles are made from tender chicken which adds taste to your platter. The chicken selected for the purpose is of very fine quality and this makes a huge difference to the whole process since the chicken used is of very fine quality rendering it perfect for a fine dining experience.

The pickled chicken section under Sitara foods is successfully experimenting with many recipes so that customers can have a never-ending plethora of fine eating experiences with the best-tasting homemade chicken pickle.

chicken pickles are made in several variants like gongura chicken pickle, chinthaaku iguru chicken pickle , Munagaaku (Moringa) Chicken are very popular and under great demand , Sitara pickles have utilized this demand and done justice to their customers by providing chicken pickles which is at par with the best in the industry.

The pickles are made fresh in small batches every day to ensure freshness and packed in sturdy packing, so that none of the goodness is lost out.

Even though the recipes and pickle making is done in a traditional way , the methods used for packing and preservations are done in a modern way thus blending traditional  and modern ways.

At Sitara pickles, we are at a juncture where nothing can stop us in delivering the best pickles in town making it one of the sought out establishments for the online pickle demands in Bangalore.

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