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Enjoy Fabulous Housewarming Party @ USA with Indian Traditional Sweets & Snacks!

Buying or building a home is a daunting process in the USA after deciding on the location, price, market trends, financial status, and taking into consideration the maintenance costs and your family’s future plans.  Apart from this house hunt procedure if you are a person who wishes to follow the traditions then performing the rituals of the housewarming ceremony / Griha Pravesh is truly a task.  

You will have to make the toughest decisions for this celebration.  We say toughest because keeping yourself happy can be done with the home you bought but keeping your guest’s happy needs to be given a little thought.  You need to concentrate on many aspects from choosing the right date and time for the ceremony up to cleaning the house, making sure those extra fittings are ready, placing idols in the right space according to Vastu, performing pooja, concentrating on the rituals like boiling milk, keeping Pongal and getting prepared to give return gifts to the guests.  

Do’s and Don’ts of Griha Pravesh pooja

An essential aspect on the auspicious day when you make the first entry into the home would be to perform Griha Pravesh.  Whether you believe it or not, from time immemorial our ancestors have traditionally consulted the Vastu Sashtra of the Vedic period to ward off the negative energies and cleanse the new home to tune up to the owner’s individual positive energies.  

Attracting divine favor and the energies from the five elements of nature like fire, water, earth, sun and wind, poojas are performed.  There are a few things to be considered as dos and don’ts of this housewarming pooja which are listed here.

Do’s in a housewarming party!

  • Complete construction of fixing of doors, windows, and roof before performing puja.
  • Take salt, turmeric, and little rice as the first items inside the home along with your favorite idols.
  • Break a coconut before entering the house as it is very auspicious.
  • Use little salt water to clean the home, to begin with, more positive energy.
  • Step in with your right foot always inside a new home.
  • Ensure that the idols face the east while you do Griha Pravesh puja.
  • Decorate the entrance door of the home with mango leaves and flowers while you place banana trees at the front gate.  
  • Keep a bowl of water with flowers in it at the entrance especially lotus is preferred.
  • Rangoli at the entrance gives a happy feeling too.
  • Serve special food that is traditional and makes your friends remember you forever keeping in mind the food served at your home at the housewarming ceremony even when they come for your child’s wedding.

Don’ts of a housewarming ceremony!

  • Don’t move in furniture inside your home before taking in the gas stove or oven or electric stove.
  • Avoid wearing any mourning color dresses such as black or dark brown or blue.
  • Don’t perform pooja when someone has passed away in your family.
  • Don’t leave your home empty for the night after you perform puja.  At least one person should stay there on the same night.
  • Don’t let your friends, family, and guests go empty-handed while they leave your new home.  Present them with some return gifts like silver coins, idols, or a box of traditional Indian sweets or snacks or dry fruits or fresh fruit and coconut too.

Those special return gifts which brings a smile on your guests faces!

The culture goes like when we enter someone’s home we don’t go empty-handed and the same applies when we leave somebody’s home too.  The best return gift for your guests can be a pack of traditional Indian sweets or snacks from Sitara Foods.  This makes them think about you and your family for another few more days after the housewarming party.  Wondering how you shall do it if you are staying somewhere abroad in USA – California, Florida, Washington, Alaska, Texas or New York?  The colloquial term to bring the box or while serving the sweets would be like the sweets given in so and so’s home yesterday or the day before.  That brings back those sweet memories on that day right.  You can easily purchase items like putharekulu, adhirasam, ghee soan patti, hand-made ghee, dry fruit milk chocolates, and many more varieties for you to check out and get truly exhausted.

Serving the best of sweets & snacks @ your new home even in USA!

When it is a small housewarming party inviting only a few friends, relatives, and neighbors and you have decided to cook yourself, the blank space of sweets can be very well filled with the best traditional varieties of delicious mithai from Sitara Foods.  You can even order those chakli’s, sakinalu and chekodi for evening snacks as you may ask your friends to have a cup of tea and then leave.  Don’t ever attempt to make Kaju katli, mithai, kalakand or Mysore Pak at home as you have other tasks to concentrate upon.  Wondering how else you can get these?  Online order from us and we deliver it at your doorstep.  

Welcoming your guests with special sweets while they enter your new home in USA!

Serving delectable welcome drinks, giving a hamper full of goodies and snacks, greeting guests with rose water sprinkle and sandalwood tilak can be added on with keeping a bowl full of mixed sweets – all Indian varieties from which your guests can pick whichever they like and enter your new home with a smiling face and a filled heart of warm wishes to bless you.  

If you trust that “Happiness is not much in having but in sharing” the best you have with others” do consider placing your orders online @ Sitara Foods and you are sure to have the best of experiences ever with the goods delivered safe and secure at your doorstep.  

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