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Ulava Karam Podi / Horse Gram Powder (Premium Quality)

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The seasonings of Indian food have a special trademark all over the world.  In that there is a footprint for the best, hot and spicy food found only in South India.

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The seasonings of Indian food have a special trademark all over the world.  In that there is a footprint for the best, hot and spicy food found only in South India.


Ulava Karam / Horse Gram Breakfast Side Chutney Powder (Premium Quality)


  • Fresh Premium Quality Ingredients Used
  • Home Made & Hand Made with atmost care & love
  • No Preservatives or Added Colors
  • Fresh Locally Sourced Ingredients from farmers around
  • Providing employment to rural women, hence providing rural women empowerment
  • Can Buy Online and get delivered to your doorstep with Free Shipping any where in India.

The seasonings of Indian food have a special trademark all over the world.  In that there is a footprint for the best, hot and spicy food found only in South India.  And among the whole of South, Andhra is the highlight for spicy food.  When they eat so much spice, you know how they are able to also compensate with better health.  It is only through the addition of certain herbs and grams in the form of podi in their food.  One such gram is horse gram which is also called as ulavalu in Telugu, Hurule in Kannada, Mudhira in Malayalam and Kollu in Tamil.

A miracle pulse which is considered as the staple food of horses and cattle is horse gram.  The best among its uses for humans is the making of a podi with Ulavalu.  An easy way to add it in your daily diet even without knowing that you are eating it is by mixing it with other ingredients like chilies, dry coconut, ajwain and other items to make a fabulous podi.  It is a low-profile, humble legume variety which, whether passionate or not for you, needs to be included in your diet.  Please remember this!  Don’t hesitate to taste and try the same from Sitara.  Add to cart and buy online a pack of Ulava Karam Podi / Horse Gram Chutney Powder to be delivered at your doorstep, ready-to-use as a life saver when you are lazy, busy or not in a mood to cook your breakfast or dinner.  It can also be added to hot steamed rice with little ghee to make horse gram rice that tastes similar to ulavacharu, but constitutes dry rice instead of a soupy consistency.

Ulavacharu is the famous variety of horse gram based rasam or soup made in Andhra which is a must for any occasion like parties, weddings, get together, potluck etc. It is not only an appetizer but also a prospective food source for the future because of its nutritional profile and ease of making it.  The process of making it is also as simple.  But the taste of a podi is just what it is meant to be for many people whatever be the variety offered, isn’t it?  If you are a podi lover, your answer is a sure “Yes”.

Interesting facts about horse gram:

         Quick is always interesting in the present world.  A quick glance now on some more appealing information related to horse gram:

·      Fed to race horses because it reduces their weight at the same time gives more energy.  Imagine the use for humans then! J
·      Staple food of many South Indians since the Neolithic age – more than 5000 years ago.
·      Drought tolerant and also a potential food source for malnourished.  Undoubtedly a best cure for malnutrition!

         If you live in a cool winter place, just make it a habit to eat kollu paruppu / Ulava Karam Podi / Horse Gram Chutney Powder so that it helps you to keep your body warm.  Horse grams have the ability to generate heat as well as energy in your system.  Order online for Ulava Karam Podi / Horse Gram Chutney Powder packet and get adjusted to climatic conditions easily dudes!

Qualities that make horse gram more interesting:

         You are sure to have confusion whether horse gram is a food or medicine after reading the fascinating benefits got from it below:

·      Helps in keeping your body young and vibrant as it is rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and proteins.
·      Reduces blood sugar by reducing insulin resistance and slowing down the carbohydrate digestion process following a meal and ultimately making it the first preferred diabetic food.
·      Authentic medicinal write-ups mention horse gram cure of arthritis, leucoderma, asthma, kidney stone and heart disease.
·      If you have jaundice or water retention in your body, an ayurvedic cuisine would give you horse gram as its first food option.
·      Just thrash down all the simple problems of piles, conjunctivitis, worms and rheumatism with this ulava karam powder.
·      It is a magic legume which reduces flatulence and controls any kind of hormone problems occurring during menstruation for women.
·      This is a high protein, high caloric food with almost no fat!  It has 3 times the calories as in chicken, 2 times the protein as in egg, 10 times the calcium as in milk and once the phosphorus as in soya.

Aren’t you astonished with all these information?  What are you hesitating then?  Just purchase online for a pack of Ulava Karam Podi or Horse Gram Chutney Powder or Kollu Podi from Sitara and try it out!

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