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Unique to the state and ubiquitous to the households!  Willing to know what it is?  Yeah!  The traditional Sakinalu!

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Unique to the state and ubiquitous to the households!  Willing to know what it is?  Yeah!  The traditional Sakinalu!


Telangana Sakinalu (The Traditional Snack of Telangana)

Unique to the state and ubiquitous to the households!  Willing to know what it is?  Yeah!  The traditional Sakinalu!

         Sakinalu is so dear to the people of Andhra as well as Telangana. Are there people who don’t love a crispy, deep-fried snack every now and then? Sakinalu is one of those grubs that Indians have been perfecting over the years in various parts of India and giving it different names like Murukku, Chakli, etc. But Telangana Sakinalu is not the same as the aforementioned items although they do share a slightly similar preparation.

         Its two main ingredients are rice flour and Ssesame seeds and are devoid of spices, hence making it a mild snack that is easy to prepare and lovable for kids. The people of Telangana have been enjoying making these for generations over the years.

Sakinalu’s Aroma hangs in the Air:

  • Sakinalu is one of the most liked traditional snacks as far as we know; these are prepared only in Telangana region. There might be a similar version of these in other regions, but we have never any others make such thin concentric circles of Sakinalu as we do in Sitara Foods. Most often prepared plain Sakinalu are salty, white, and are not so spicy.
  • Sakinalu’s are usually eaten as a teatime snack, sometimes for breakfast if the lunch is going to be served early or if not in a mood to make breakfast also dudes. Basically, these can be munched on any time of the day. It is a crunchy snack item that is almost impossible to stop munching on after the first bite. Toasted sesame seeds are the special feature in this deep-fried snack giving it a unique nutty flavour that goes well with mild spiciness. Buy online and give it a try!
  • Sakinalu is a must preparation for Sankranthi and weddings. It is customary to give Sakinalu to groom’s family, who then distributes among relatives. This custom of giving Sakinalu to groom’s family is called Saare. Apart from Sakinalu, other snacks and sweets such as Boondi Laddu, Murukulu are also given.  Remember there is one place where you can order these traditional homemade snacks in bulk and that is from Sitara Foods to fulfil your Saare.

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Steps to prepare Sakinalu:

Ingredients: Rice Flour, Sesame seeds, Ajwain Seeds, Salt and oil.

         Healthy snacks homemade from rice flour and sesame seeds and don’t miss it!  It is customary to make round figurines with the dough.

  1. Roast the sesame seeds (dry) on low heat.
  2. Now add the roasted sesame seeds, ajwain seeds, and salt to the rice flour.
  3. Add the required amount of water, mix and make it into dough.
  4. Now take the murukku press and add the dough into it and make it to a concentric circle and keep it on a plain cotton cloth to dry. Now place a pan and heat some oil and fry the dough which is in concentric circle.  Now serve the Sakinalu when hot.

Shelf Life:  These can be stored in an airtight box as they will stay fresh for many days and to retain their crispiness.

Why and how to use Telangana Sakinalu?

  • This Telangana plain Sakinalu can be served with some pickles like tomato pickle or mango pickle. Most of them prefer dipping this plain Telangana Sakinalu in tomato pickle or sauce which gives you a delicious taste. Kids and old people usually love the powdered form of this Sakinalu as they do not hard tooth like us to chew them. Sitara Foods also supply Karam Sakinalu. They have slightly thicker rows of circles. Order online and give it a try!
  • Sakinalu is a time-consuming preparation and requires a lot of patience. As we mentioned above, basic Sakinalu or white Sakinalu are seasoned with sesame seeds and salt. These can be made spicy by adding fresh red chilli paste to make Red Karam Sakinalu or by adding Green chilli paste to get slightly Greenish Sakinalu. It is prepared to celebrate the harvest festival of Makar Sankranti and offered during the marriage.
  • We have experts to make this the best way. Our chefs are homemakers who have hands on experience with such items for many years. Order online from Sitara Foods for a fresh pack of Telangana Sakinalu and enjoy it with your family and friends. This is a traditional and healthy food item, and it keeps the body warm. The use of Ajwain seeds helps to protect you from cold and cough and acts as an indigestion cure.
  • Rice flour is healthy flour than any other flour. Because, it is rich in nutrition and fiber, rich in protein than any other grain can’t provide. Rice flour contains vitamin E, antioxidants, and other micronutrients that help to fight against free radicals. They help in the proper working of the digestive system.
  • Sesame seeds give a nutty taste, almost invisible, and a crunch to many Asian dishes. They are available throughout the year. They are the oldest condiment known to man. They are a good source of fiber. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Supports healthy bones. Good source of Vitamin B.
  • Are you a housewife struggling to attain perfection in making of these hereditary foods or a working woman trying to strike a balance between work and home for any festival occasion? Then just sit and relax by purchasing online from Sitara Foods and enjoy this delicacy.
  • Cooking is an art and not all can be a master’s in it and when you have people who have mastered it giving things handy and helping you to be healthy, then why do you say no to it? Without any hesitation, you can order online and get all the products you need from Sitara Foods just by a click.
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