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An enormously tasting delicious, yummy saggu biyyam vadiyalu online!

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An enormously tasting delicious, yummy saggu biyyam vadiyalu online!



An enormously tasting delicious, yummy saggu biyyam vadiyalu online!

What is Saggu Biyyam?

         Nativity touches the soul of every human being.  This is doubtless.  It applies to all things and especially food.  Either the ingredient or the method of preparation whichever be the native touch to the food that is prepared, it will cover the entire crowd to whom it is served.  One such ingredient is sago in English or sabudana in Hindi or saggu biyyam in Telugu or javvarisi in Tamil.  This ingredient is used to make payasam, dosa, rotis, kanjis and also vadiyalus.

Why Saggu Biyyam?

         Sago is actually a starch taken from the center of sago palm stems.  It is called as tapioca pearls too but is not the same as tapioca.  In facts it looks, feels and tastes like tapioca but still it is not from the same plant.

         In India, sago is a common ingredient in many recipes.  It is a low calorie, light meal option and hence it replaces many carbonated drinks in the form of kanji for mostly all age grouped people like kids, adults and elders.  It has many medicinal effects and functions as an herbal remedy to treat ailments like excess heat in the body or diarrhea etc.

         Sago is low in fat and it has no protein content.  It does not contain minerals and vitamins.  It is only starch content that gives a little bit of energy when had during times of sickness, but has an extra ordinary taste which makes people create more out of it like sweet or vadam/vadiyalus.  It primarily comes from starch and is a staple food in several regions of the world.  Indians and Nepalese use it the most in their flat breads.

         Indians make even vadagam or vathal or biyyalus or papad out of it.  These papad attract kids the most and they wish to eat more of their rice when such vadiyalus are fried and given along with food to them.  Your efforts are very less…. if you feel you need to taste this vadiyalu variety.  Just order online from Sitara and get door delivered with your loving vadams and enjoy eating them with your family.

How can you use saggu biyyam vadiyalu?

·     You can use saggu biyyam vadiyalu fried to accompany your lunch or meals.

·     It can be used to make garnishing more beautiful when you prepare bisi bele bath.

·     It tastes good with a vegetable upma as an extra added side dish.  Serve a little curd, pickles and saggu biyyam vadiyalu with upma breakfast to make that a different experience.

·     Mix some vadiyalus in the rasam rice which you pack for kids to school.  The soaked vadiyalus will interest them while having lunch in the middle of their food.

·     Powder the vadiyalus after frying and use them as thickening agents for your gravies when you prepare any curry that needs to be thick enough for chapathi, roti, or parota.

How is it prepared?

       Fresh sago is washed, cleaned well and soaked overnight. The sago should be in a pressing condition.  This is cooked and stirred along with jeera and green chilies if preferred till it thickens.  Now a muslin cloth is needed to make it into papad.  1 spoon of this mixture is poured to make one papad.  The papad is sun dried for more than 5 to 6 days as it contains a lot of moisture.

         Since it is dried well the shelf life of our saggu biyyam vadiyalus are more than any others.  Purchase online from sitara the fresh saggu biyyam vadiyalus to make your work easier in the kitchen.

 Is it a life-saver?

       Yes, of course it is guys.  Sago vathal or saggu biyyam vadiyalu or sabudana papad is a common cum life saving side dish at many homes.

·     When your mother is tired of cooking varieties of side dishes for each one of them in your family, do you remember her saying to you that “I am going to make rice, sambar, rasam and some vadam or vathal.  Those who want can eat.”

·     After your long hours of work at office, don’t you feel an easy recipe would help today and I can’t even order online for food as my tummy doesn’t feel so good to eat anything from outside?  Yeah, isn’t it?  Then what are you waiting for?  Just purchase online for some pure ghee, ready-made powders and vadiyalus.  You can only cook rice at home and use these to make your meals yummy.

·     If you are a bachelor or a person who stays away from home for career reasons, you may feel that you need a little break from what you normally cook, ain’t it?  So, you can try this vadiyalu and treat your friends too on a Sunday.  They also would enjoy it.  After all, sharing is a way of caring dudes.

·     Why don’t you buy some essentials like this to your friends or relatives home when you make a visit during week-ends of during holidays or even when you go for some function?  They may find it very useful for their family and will think about you when they use it.

·     A best suitable side dish for a fast meal preparation after a long journey when you have things to unpack and arrange and also office works pending and waiting in queue for you to come and complete, isn’t it?  Give it a try.  It is so easy and with just one click you can order online for Sitara’s pickles, vadiyalus and ready-made powders, essentials needed for home and many other exotic fruits and flowers just for you.

·     Sometimes in spite of cooking two or three side dishes, we get the feeling in our mind, “I need something crunchy to eat with my lunch now. The food is tasty yet not satisfying.”  Is it or not?  At that time, you eat this saggu biyyam vadiyalu or minapa vadiyalu or gummadikaya vadiyalu and see how your leptin hormones subside from making you crave for more?  You itself will be surprised.

·     When there are guests at home and if you are running short of snacks to serve, why don’t you try some fryums or vadiyalus fried and given fresh to them at home?  For which you need to order and keep it ready.  So you can easily buy online from Sitara for varieties of vadiyalus.

Benefits of eating Saggu Biyyam

       Saggu biyyam or sago is considered to be a very healthy option for elders and kids.  The reasons being:

üThey help in preventing diarrhea among elders or kids as they are rich in starch content.

üIt provides energy without use of any artificial chemicals or sweeteners in it.

üIt contains low calories but still more filling and hence suited for people on diet and also those who wish to reduce weight.

üAccording to the “New Oxford Book of Food Plants”, it is a traditional Indian medicine used to cool the body or reduce excessive body heat.

üHigh carbohydrate content and hence suited when you are excessively hungry to consume as needed because it does not cause much weight increase like other oil foods and digests easily.

üSuitable food for making kanji at times of sickness for anyone in the family.  Any tummy or stomach related issue; sago is the best medicine.

üThe U.S. department of agriculture states that sago offers 10 percent of fiber need for adults.  Every 100 grams has 3 grams of fiber in it.  And also sago is a staple food for many impoverished places.

üIt has unusually large amounts of antioxidants.  Chemicals like flavonoids scavenge free radicals and helps in preventing cancer or any kind of inflammation in the body.

üIt helps in controlling blood pressure and improving blood circulation.

üPrevents malnutrition in babies as it is rich in starch and in very inexpensive too.

üThe minimum amount of potassium content in sago helps to relax tension in blood vessels and open up thereby controlling any problems in blood pressure be it low or high.

üIt helps to rebalance the bacterial environment in the gut after you consume any antibiotics.

üSmall amounts of copper iron and calcium helps in the creation of bone tissues which ultimately prevents osteoporosis and also strengthens bone density.

üIt fastens muscle growth, repair and helps muscles to work for longer hours especially for people whom physical work is more.

üIt has moderate levels of folic acid but still prevents the occurrence of neural tube defects in the baby in a mother’s womb.

       After reading all this, you will come to know the uses of sago vathal, how it is made and how it can be used along with when you can use it also.  Hope this information helped you.  If yes, please share it to your friends for them also to get benefited.

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