Organic Kodo Millet (Arikalu) Laddu

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Let your love for millets last longer and longer with these warm, wondrous sweets from Sitara!

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Let your love for millets last longer and longer with these warm, wondrous sweets from Sitara!




Let your love for millets last longer and longer with these warm, wondrous sweets from Sitara!

       A low acidic, diabetic friendly food is these kodo millet laddus / varagarisi laddus  / Arikalu Laddu from Sitara.  You all might remember your grandmother sending you with a lot of take home foods when you visit them during summer holidays.  These soft laddus are sure to make you nostalgic and take your memories back to your childhood days.


Even if you cannot watch us making laddus like how you used to enjoy your grandmom doing it for you and your extended family, you can have the pleasure of ordering online and sit at home, relax and enjoy eating our healthy laddus.  You are sure to get the glee and joy of listening to a symphony when you eat tasty food, isn’t it?  It’s because “There is no sincerer love than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw’s words don’t go false.

Millets are tough crops that have the ability to survive famines and droughts yet healthy ones that give all essential nutrients and are packed with proteins that is needed for kids and adults. Organic Millet Based Laddus such as Organic Sugar Free Finger Millet (Ragi) Laddu,  Organic Jowar Laddu and Nuvvu Laddu(Vundalu) and Many more…

Process of making kodo millet laddus / Arikalu Laddu

       Even though there are so many different traditional sweet varieties that exist and new ones coming up, this kodo millet laddu is sure to create a sizzle in the tongue of everyone who tastes it as it is made of pure certified organic ghee, pure jaggery and organic kodo millets / Arikalu sourced from local farmers.  The reason why it is a big hit is because of its genuine taste and clean preparation.  A few steps to bring to your notice the method of its preparation:

Step 1:  Washed, cleaned and dried kodo millet is blended into a fine coarse powder.

Step 2:  Then we make jaggery syrup and add it slowly to make the kodo millet powder into wet sand consistency.

Step 3:  Using ghee to crease our hands, we make them into fine round balls to bring the palatable, delicious, yummy kodo millet laddus / varagu arisi laddus ready.  Very gentle pressure is given while making the laddus and it does neither break nor is hard.  Care is taken to make it in the right consistency.

Those who are fond of jaggery flavored sweets would love to eat this and those who have the habit of refusing anything based on jaggery will also start eating more and more of it if they taste it even once.

Where all can you use these laddus?

If you have decided to celebrate your kid’s birthday party, then to make a change in the regular sweet schedule you can very well use kodo millet laddus / Arikalu Laddu Sweet.  When you make the change it becomes a fashion thereafter.  Try it to create new trends in the way you serve food for occasions celebrated at your home.

If you use this as a return gift in weddings or for navarathri festival, or Krishna jayanthi, it would create a new image among your friends who are all trying to lose weight.  Moreover, any sweet based on jaggery is more auspicious to be presented to the almighty ans especially Lord Krishna.  Then, when you are an office going person, putting extra efforts to make this during festival times is a tedious process.  Still, you have the need to invite friends and family to enjoy with them and also give them something in return for their intentions to visit you so that it shows your gratitude.  At these situations, you can aaram se order a pack of healthy kodo millet laddus from Sitara online and relax.  One stone two mangoes, ain’t it?

An ideal, healthy, wise choice of snack up option to much upon in mid afternoons and early evenings are these kodo millet laddus from Sitara, when you work hard for a weight loss.  You can gift it to your friend or relative or neighbor when you go to visit them during weekends or on auspicious days.  It can be purchased online easily with just one click and you are ready to meet elders at your home on special days in jiffy rather than looking for best tasting fruits or other sweets and savories.

Bring back tradition in your life with the best kinds of food that can be easily made available at your doorstep.  Tradition is always the best to be followed when it comes to eatables.  Health was well taken care of by our elders whom we shall never hesitate to follow in our life.  What do you say dudes?  Got ready to order your freshly packed traditional sweet from Sitara?  Good Decision!

A Genie inside Kodo Millet gives so much to you.

       Can you call millets as genie?  Yeah!  They support your body compat diseases and also in achieving your personal health goals.  The more you eat, the beneficial it is to your body.

·      Anti – diabetic:  Being an easier substitute to rice or wheat, it’s found to reduce fasting blood glucose levels and increases serum insulin levels.  The anti–diabetic compounds found in kodo millet or varagarisi are quercetin, vanillic acid and syringic acid.

·      Anti – obesity:  Being rich in fiber all millets avoid weight gain.  But these kodo millets additionally prevents rise in cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  It is a functional food in reducing weight gain as it is blended with jaggery.

·      Anti – oxidant Properties:  Varagarisi consists of polyphenols and antioxidants thus reducing risk of all types of cancer when consumed.

·      Anti – hypertension:  Regular consumption of kodo millet in any form which they please is recommended for all post–menopausal women who are suffering from any cardiac diseases, high blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

·      Strengthens nervous system:  It has high amount of lecithin and is easy to digest hence, strengthens the nervous system.  If you have varicose veins issue, then the right solution is to chew well and eat your food.  But for all work geeks who are always in a hurry, millet is a best choice as it is very tiny, the time taken to chew and eat is less.  Even if you don’t chew well it is fine as it is tiny, it gets digested well and relieves you from varicose veins easily.

Substitute your junk filled sweets with these blooming nature based varieties and enjoy life to the utmost.  This storehouse of nutrients is also known as Harka in Kannada, Kodra in Hindi, Arikelu in Telugu and Varagu in Tamil.

Ample benefits in Jaggery.

       The boiling raw, unrefined, concentrated, sugar cane juice is also called as gur.  Jaggery has innumerable benefits out of which a few are listed here.

·      It prevents constipation and aids in digestion process.

·      Eating these kodo millet laddus after you meal will activate the digestive enzymes in your body and also help you in not gaining much weight.

·      It acts as a detoxifier and acts in cleansing all the toxins from your liver easily.

·      It is rich in minerals like zinc and selenium, which prevents free radicals responsible for early ageing.

·      It gives stronger immunity to kids.  If your child is prone to cough and cold frequently, this is the best preventive medicine.  All mothers can trust Sitara products as we add a special ingredient to our food and that is – Love and Care.

·      All Pre–menstrual stress symptoms like mood swings, menstrual cramps, and pain in abdomen is reduced due to consumption of jaggery.  So definitely this kodo millet laddu is a boon sweet dish for all women.

·      Jaggery is a natural sweetner which provides energy for more time and is recommended than sugar which gives instant energy.

Benefits of Ghee:

       Reducing exposure to cancer causing agents, ghee helps kids and adults in many ways.

·      It is a nutritional powerhouse of fat–soluble vitamins A, D, K and E.  Very suitable for kids who are fussy eaters.

·      Rich in Vitamin E and hence makes your skin glow beautifully.  If you wish to glow just order online and start eating.

·      A visible alternative for people who have dairy allergies as it has only traces of lactose and casein.

·      Ghee has all heart healthy high monounsaturated omega 3s.  This keeps it a friend of your lovely heart always.

·      It fights against all life–style diseases.  Very old, traditional food to be consumed and not any new dhamaka that causes harm to your body.  Stick to conventional food and stay healthy forever.

Having known the sumptuous benefits in organic kodo millet, organic pure jaggery and pure certified organic ghee, will you ever miss this wonder filled sweet?  No, isn’t it?  Then just order online to blend in one with your taste buds requests and enjoy your day with complete fulfillment and joy.  Food always brings rejoice in life even though we say for me anything is fine, the one food which creates a trademark taste will always remain pleasant in our heart,  na?  This kodo millet laddu or varagarisi laddu is one of such kind.  Buy Delicious Kodo Millet Laddu Arikalu Laddu from SITARA FOODS. Made of Organic Jaggery, Kodo Millets and Pure Certified Organic Ghee. It is rich in fiber and high in iron and calcium and also gluten-free. It has immense health benefits and helps in reducing Cholesterol, helps in weight loss and detoxifies the body.

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