Karam Boondi – Andhra Style Spicy Snack

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The spicy kara boondi – a favorite and a popular South Indian snack from Sitara foods.

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The spicy kara boondi - a favorite and a popular South Indian snack from Sitara foods.


Karam Boondi – Andhra Style Spicy Snack

The spicy kara boondi – a favorite and a popular South Indian snack from Sitara foods.

   Remember fighting with your sisters and brothers for the ground nuts in a bowl full of boondis? Varevah! Yes, Kara Boondis are tiny, cute, and crispy balls; made from chickpea flour, fried till crunchy and mixed with few spices, groundnuts, curry leaves, etc. The dish was created in the State of Rajasthan, India, as vegetables were scarce due to the desert terrain.  However, over the years, the popularity of this snack made it a household name throughout India. And hence it is a widely spread snack in South India too. Buy a pack of Kara Boondi from Sitara Foods to enjoy the bowl full of taste and the fight with your siblings for the richer taste of the groundnuts it has!

Two varieties of Boondi!

    The same chickpeas flour or otherwise called gram flour makes the real magic in being used as the main ingredient for a sweet and hot snack up!  We can make both sweet boondi’s and kara boondi’s out of it.  The sweet boondi’s when rolled up into balls make our yummy, delicious laddoos too.  This gives strength to kids equal to their superheroes like Chota Bheem, Superman, or Spiderman.

    After a series of sweets at each party, there will be a savory to devour – kara boondi.. Add some spice to the boondi’s prepared and you get Kara Boondi. One of the famous fried snacks that are made during the Diwali festival is both sweet and kara boondi. Since making Kara Boondi is not as easy but does take some time, and also an art to getting perfect round Boondi’s. You can just order online and try Andhra style spicy Kara Boondi from Sitara Foods for the uncompromised taste and hygiene as your home-made snack!

Fascinated to know the method of preparation?

Ingredients: Gram Flour (besan), Spices, Curry leaves, Groundnuts, Sunflower oil, Salt.

As simple as that,

Step 1: Whisk and mix the besan flour and salt without any big lumps.

Step 2: Heat the oil and make boondi’s in perfect round shape using the boondi ladle.

Step 3: Deep fry the boondi until it gets darker brown and crisp.

Step 4: Repeat the process indifferent patches.

Step 5: Once frying is done, do the same with ground nuts and curry leaves.

Step 6: Drain, crush, and add it to the boondi.

Storage and Shelf Life:

  Air-tight containers are best to store this crispy boondis and when served with some puffed-rice or grated carrot, beetroot, cucumber and other veggies, it just tastes more delicious and is a perfect chat on a rainy evening.

  Kara Boondi’s form an important part of the most popular South Indian Mixture. It tastes awesome and you can munch them at any time of the day. Our Sitara Foods Kara Boondi gives you a far better taste than the other salted Boondi’s you get outside. The reason being the quality of oil which is obtained by milling on our own and fresh organic ingredients are stone-grinded and used. Can you get a better snack up for the evening favorites of your family?

 The Handy Condiment:

  •    It’s a great savory treat and it can be had as such or can be added to a variety of things like raithas, chaats, salads, and can even garnish on the top of rice items like Bisi bele bath (Bisi-belle-bath / Sambar rice), lemon rice, curd rice, curd vadas etc.
  •    The usual fare at home would be ribbon pakoda, thengulal, diamond cuts, murukku, etc. You would better buy and try this Kara Boondi this festive season and add spice to festival celebrations whatever be it – Holi, Diwali, Sankranthi, Dussehra, Onam, and many more!

Nutritional Benefits:

  •    Indian snacks are delicious and healthy which are loved by all kids. They just start munching it from the box directly when they are delicious.  If you have purchased the same from Sitara Foods are needless to say that the box would be emptied at the earliest for its taste without even leaving a trace of what was stored in the boxes.
  •   Filled with dozens of spices and oil, greasy Indian snacks are something worth craving for. It is a protein-rich food. As they are very essential for wear and tear of the body. Boondi Raitha is rich in vitamins and minerals, as it helps to improve the immune system, growth, and maintenance of the body.
  •     Slowly but surely, Sitara Foods online store has made Indian cuisine its way into all major cities of the world. Buy and experience the happiness in the realistic, authentic, fascinating Andhra style Kara Boondi’s taste from Sitara Foods. You can also order and buy other Andhra-style home-made sweets, namkeens, pickles, powders, masalas, millet foods, etc. to avail free delivery throughout India at your convenience.

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